Why Spanish?

"Spanish is spoken by more than 400 million people worldwide and learning this language would allow one to communicate with people in many parts of the world. Although mastering the grammar in Spanish can be challenging, basic grammatical elements are easy to learn. Many words are similar to English and the pronunciation is very straightforward, as it's almost completely phonetic. After only a few lessons, you will be able to communicate basic information, ask questions and read texts written in Spanish. You will enjoy a rich variety of cultures and accents from many countries in Latin America and many areas in Spain and will also discover many cultural aspects of the Hispanic world."

Carlos de Pablos-Ortega, Spanish Department, UEA


What do our students think?

"I have really enjoyed the course so far – it's covered everything I wanted to at a pace I can manage. The classes are fun and there's a really nice atmosphere with a mix of students, staff and members of the public studying together. I love studying languages as they open up possibilities – new places to travel, people to meet and cultures to explore".

Ruth Stokes, Spanish Level 3 & 4

"Each lesson was well planned, and included opportunities to practise speaking and listening skills, which complemented the structured exercises in grammar and vocabulary. The natural language teachers added an authentic mix for pronunciation and also provided the colloquialisms necessary for full appreciation of the language. ¡Muchas gracias a mís profesoras de Español!"

Weston Charlesworth, Spanish Level 1 to 5

Levels Offered

We offer several levels of study.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

level 6

We are not able to offer every language level each term; only classes advertised on the uea store are available this summer term:

The deadline for applications is Monday 8th April