Daytime Non-Credit Application Form

Please read the information below before applying for a module.


  • It is important to note that these modules are shared with students taking them as part of their degrees; they will be given priority during Week 1 enrollment

  • As such, non-credit places will not be allocated until the end of Week 1 ; you will be contacted via email once you have been enrolled.
    Please note that this may mean you miss your first class - your tutor will be made aware of this

  • Places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis

  • Deadline for enrollment - 27th September 2019


  • All modules cost £150 except Post A-Level courses, which cost £175

  • Payment will be requested via Evision in Week 3 of the semester

  • PPL students and those in the first year of their undergraduate degree in the schools of  AMA, HIS, LDC and IIH may take one module for free each semester


  • For Beginner’s and Intermediate modules, you need to be able to attend one SEMINAR and one ORAL; you do not need to be in the same Group for both

  • For Post A-Level modules, you need to be able to attend one SEMINAR, one ORAL and one LECTURE

Work ethic

  • Non-credit students attending these modules are expected to put in as much effort as credit students by attending regularly, participating in group work and homework tasks and sitting any formative assessments tests.