Daytime Classes

Open to all UEA students, the Daytime Language Programme offers you the unique opportunity to take a module outside of your degree.

As long as the timetable is compatible with your own, you can choose to study any language of your choice in a variety of levels as a non-credit student. Our modules are available for both the Autumn and Spring semester. You will be taught for 3 contact hours per week, but as this is a non-credit module there are no exams, and it won't appear on your transcript.

How to APPLY - closed until autumn 2019

Take a look at the module options below. When you've chosen a class, follow the instructions to look up the course description and timetable for each week of the semester to ensure the class doesn't clash with your other modules. You can then fill in the application form, confirming you have checked your timetable.


All modules cost £150 except Post A-Level courses, which cost £175. Payment will be requested via Evision in Week 3.
PPL students and those in the first year of their undergraduate degree in the schools of  AMA, HIS, LDC and IIH may take one module for free each semester.


Spring 2018-19 Non-Credit Module Options - Closed

Module Title Module Code
Beginners Arabic I PPLB4045B
Beginners Arabic II PPLB4030B
Introduction to British Sign Language I PPLB4033B
Introduction to British Sign Language II PPLB4032B
Beginners Chinese II PPLB4035B
Advanced English II PPLB5044B
Beginners French I PPLB4015B
Beginners French II PPLB4014B
Intermediate French II PPLB5032B
Post A-Level French 1/II PPLF4017B
Post A-Level French 2/II PPLF5149B
Beginners German I PPLB4047B
Beginners German II PPLB4019B
Intermediate German II PPLB5033B
Post A-Level German 1/II PPLB4021B
Beginners Greek II PPLB4037B
Beginners Italian II PPLB4039B
Beginners Japanese I PPLB4042B
Beginners Japanese II PPLB4041B
Post A-Level Japanese Language 2/II PPLJ5156B
Beginners Russian II PPLB4044B
Beginners Spanish I PPLB4024B
Beginners Spanish II PPLB4023B
Intermediate Spanish II PPLB5034B
Post A-Level Spanish 1/II PPLH4026B
Post A-Level Spanish 2/II PPLH5154B

In order to apply for a module, you must first check the timetable on Evision and ensure it does not clash with your degree programme timetable. To do this:

  • On Evision, open the ‘Module Details’ blue tab

  • Select ‘Module Information’, which will open a page called ‘Module Enrolment Information’

  • Choose ‘2018/9’ on the Academic Year dropdown and ‘Politics, Philosophy, Language & Communication Studies’ on the School dropdown

  • Leave ‘Scheme Code’ and ‘Level’ blank, and enter the module code

  • Make sure you are viewing the correct month on the timetable